I am a woman and I am angry (but also excited)

” I don’t get why feminism is still relevant. We can have jobs, we can earn money and we can buy a house. We have equality.”

I am sick and tired of people assuming that women are now equal.  Are we supposed to be satisfied just because we can vote and own property? Like it has been given to us as a type of privilege, a reward even?

We are not equal now and we never have been. We are severely under-represented in politics, we do not have equal pay and we are objectified by most, if not all media platforms. And this is only to get started.

Rape conviction rates are extremely low and we are continually told that we are lying. More women face poverty worldwide than men. More women die in natural disasters than men. In the UK, 2 women will die a week at the hands of her husband/former parter and 5% of women over the age of 16 have been raped.

And I am asked, why am I angry? Aren’t we equal?


I am not putting down any of the hard work of the women before us, I am eternally grateful for them. They have brought us more equality than we have ever had, but for people to say that we, as women, are now equal?

The culture that surrounds every part of our lives shows are inequality every single day. I only have to go to the bus stop down my road to see airbrushed celebrities advertising beauty product telling us that we clearly aren’t good enough as we are. Stickers on toilet doors in pubs and clubs remind us to ‘Be safe’ and to take the sensible route home, like changing the way we behave will stop rapists; it is our responsibility. We have to face the fact that we don’t get paid the same rate as our male counterparts. As if the gender pay gap and rape is inevitable. Like it can’t be stopped.

More and more young girls are growing up with ambitions to be glamour models, pole dancers and WAGs. More and more young girls are developing eating disorders so they can achieve what society classes as beautiful.

But I say no more.

A new feminist movement is really coming alive and we are really seeing break throughs,  Object and the Fawcett Society have campaigned for two years, and now Lap Dancing clubs are now recognised as sex establishments in the UK are are no longer under cafe licensing laws. The London Feminist Network have revived Reclaim the Night, a feminist march against rape and sexual violence against women. There is now a UK based women’s news site, Women’s Views On News which gives a voice to news stories which are often ignored, and groups such as Pinkstinks which challenge the pink-girl culture we live in. Feminist groups are pooping up all over the UK and more and more feminist events are being organised.

And this is only skimming the surface.

Things are getting changed, beliefs are being challenged and feminists will not stop until we are equal.

It is a good time to be a feminist but an awful time to be a woman.

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