Taking your children to Hooters . . . I despair

After reading this story today on Women’s Views on News, my anger towards Hooters has grown.

And I have a lot of anger and frustration for Hooters already.

I’ll try and flag up my issues as coherently as I can despite the massive rant that is growing inside my head, which wants to splurge onto the page like word vomit.

Hooters objectifies women. I point this out in response to all the people who say that it is harmless fun and ‘just a laugh’. It is not. And it never will be.

(clearly not objectifying women, clearly not sexist in any way possible.)

Hooters is not just a restaurant; I believe they serve food only as an excuse to have a place where people can go and ‘observe’ the women. If these women really are only waitresses, then why, on staff training days are they taught to hoola hoop? They clearly don’t do that while serving food (although that would be impressive) and I don’t see what selling a soft porn calendar – which they advertise in their window – has to do with food either.

My problem isn’t with the waitresses as they choose to work there. My anger is aimed towards the fact that we live in a society where it is seen as acceptable.

And even more worryingly and damaging, a society where Hooters is seen as a family restaurant. It is not a family restaurant, unless you are planning for your children to grow up to be chauvinists.

One reason I’ve heard for taking your children to Hooters is that it’s the only restaurant which tolerates children’s noise levels. That simply isn’t the case. Pizza Hut is  a family friendly restaurant with a children’s menu. They’re not concerned about noise levels AND they don’t objectify women.Ditto for Frankie and Benny’s. And that is only to mention a couple of major chain brands.

Yes, they may serve good food (I couldn’t make a judgement after never having been and never planning to go) but should children really be exposed to this when they’re trying to eat? Are these parents planning on getting semi naked girls to serve them food for every special event?

Hell, why don’t they just buy them one of these while they’re at it?

Hooters is not a family restaurant. Taking children to Hooters only furthers their education in objectification and why it is apparently okay to view women as pieces of meat.

But there is hope . . .

Disclaimer: I do not want people to die of breast cancer. This seems to be the assumption that is being made about feminists against Hooters; that because the company raises money for charity, by protesting you clearly want everyone to die.

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