It’s only gender discrimination when it profits

That’s what the European Court of Justice seems to suggest anyway with their new policy that young women now have to pay the same sum of insurance as young male drivers. The new insurance policy will affect travel costs and pensions as well.

It’s a pity that the European Court of Justice failed to notice the many other cases of gender discrimination. Apparently ‘gender can’t be used as a factor’ when it comes to car insurance, BUT it can certainly be used as a factor when it comes to the pay difference between men and women and when it comes to the cuts which are going to severely damage services for women (which are limited as they are).

I’m sick of people pretending they give a shit about gender discrimination when it suits them. We all know that they only care because they profit from it. They’re not going to decide any time soon that the fact that women get paid less than men is gender discrimination because the economy can’t afford it.

At the risk of sounding like a man-hater, which I’m truly not, – poor men! What a hardship that they have been having to pay slightly higher on their car insurance because statistically they are at a higher risk?

And let’s face it, as women, we pay about double the difference of the car insurance gap on sanitary products when men don’t have to.

Someone, quick, find out how to sell gender equality because fuck knows that’s the only way we’re ever going to achieve a society where women are equal to men.

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