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The Sexualisation of Children Debate

Recently, ‘the sexualisation of children’ has become a catchphrase. Everyone seems to be worried about children being sexualised inappropriately, the commercialisation of children, and perhaps the most prominent example, the fact that Primark and other stores sell padded bras for … Continue reading

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I’m not ‘Vajazzled’ and I never will be

This piece first appeared on Women’s Views on News in February. I have now finally got around to uploading it to my blog. Warning: contains sexually explicit content. Vajazzling. Seriously, where do I start? Vajazzling is defined by the offficial … Continue reading

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Taking your children to Hooters . . . I despair

After reading this story today on Women’s Views on News, my anger towards Hooters has grown. And I have a lot of anger and frustration for Hooters already. I’ll try and flag up my issues as coherently as I can … Continue reading

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