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The Sexualisation of Children Debate

Recently, ‘the sexualisation of children’ has become a catchphrase. Everyone seems to be worried about children being sexualised inappropriately, the commercialisation of children, and perhaps the most prominent example, the fact that Primark and other stores sell padded bras for … Continue reading

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The Adjustment Bureau – Hollywood sustains patriarchy once again

One of my guilty pleasures is going to the cinema to see something that I definitely won’t like. A bit of a paradox but the best trips to the cinema have been to see films that have annoyed me in … Continue reading

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My Feminist New Year’s Resolution

Exams and essays are over, so I can finally get back to blogging! And update what I am going to do for a New Year’s resolution, though it feels like the New Year was ages ago now! I usually set … Continue reading

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